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Senior Grad Nite Cancellation

June 14,2019

Dear Senior Parents

The purpose of Grad Nite is to provide a fun, safe environment, free of alcohol, drugs, and other harmful elements; where our sons and daughters can relax and spend the last night of high school with all their newly graduated friends and classmates.

We contracted with a charter bus company for transportation services. The busses were confirmed both days before and six hours prior to their scheduled arrival.

At 9:30 pm, when the busses had not arrived at their scheduled time, we reached out to the bus company. In parallel, with continued lack of response from the contracted bus company, we began working on alternative solutions to resolve transportation to the venue.

The Grad Nite Board, Administrators, and parent volunteers remained on site at Mission Viejo High School (MVHS) Gym and Quad area, with your students the entire evening, ensuring their safety.

As the Grad Nite Board, we considered rescheduling the Grad Nite party to a different date. However, after careful consideration of all the variables and lead times involved in organizing a quality and complex event such as this one, the Board determined that the responsible thing to do was to cancel Grad Nite and refund your money.

We would like to acknowledge the MVHS Administrators, Grad Nite Staff, and parent volunteers who all remained on site at MVHS with your students the entire evening. Students were brought into the large gym where parent volunteers began raffling off the prizes.

Once the decision was made to cancel Grad Nite, Jack Perisho and I addressed the students, explaining the situation and our decision to cancel the event. Grad Nite parent volunteers monitored all gates at the MVHS Quad area the entire night.

Administrators and Grad Nite parent volunteers released the students to their parent or guardian in an organized fashion through a single exit at the quad/parking area.

While the purpose of this letter is to inform of what transpired last night, we would be remiss if we did not tell you how your students displayed understanding, caring, compassion, and an honorable character that was truly inspiring to witness during this unfortunate situation. We thank them for their outstanding moral character in the face of their disappointment.

Our Grad Nite Board is heartbroken and sincerely disappointed that we could not foresee the events that took place nor provide the memories we had planned for your student at their Grad Nite event.

In closing, we want to thank you and your wonderful young adults for your understanding regarding last night. Within the next 2 weeks, we will be refunding your money. We will post shortly on the MVHSGradnite.com website the date refunds will be mailed and/or available for pick up.



Vanetta Perisho
MVHS Grad Nite President 2018-2019